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Pure Stream Enterprise (Group) Inc. Capital Managerment Division("Pure Stream") was Founded in 2006. as an International-Based Investment Managermant Firm. Whe Specialize in Growth And Relative Value Equity Investments On Behalf Of Institutional And Individual Clients. The Pure Stream Approach to Asset Management is A Highly Disciplined Stock Selection Process Driven By Intensive Internal Research Which Targets Companies With Prospects For Above-Average Earnings Growth And Improving Returns On Capital Over Extended Time Periods.
The Basic Premises of the Pure Stream Investment Philosophy Are: (i) Stock Prices Are Linked To Earnings Growth, (ii) Fundamental Research Adds Value To The Investment Process, (iii) Growth Can Come From Unexpected Areas, And (iv) Growth Must Be Purchased At A Reasonable Price.
Product Overview  

Pure Stream's Diversified Client Base Includes Public And Private Pension And Profit Sharing Plans, Foundations, Endownments, And High Net Worth Individuals. The Breadth of Product Diversification of Pure Stream's  Earnings,  Reduces The Risks Created By Changing Market Environments And Allowing Participation In The Fastest Growing Segments Of The Industry. Pure Stream's Provide Their Clients With Unique Investment Management Expertise And Superior Client Service.

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